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Antwerp Edition

Et Alors? Magazine – The Antwerp Edition


In 2013, the city of Antwerp, Belgium hosted the World OutGames, an international sporting event, organized to help advance gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender human rights around the world. On the occasion, Fleur and Julian were asked to make an Et Alors? Magazine special about Antwerp and they happily agreed to search for the gender, feminist, and queer artists that inhabit the city. Amongst many they talked to the most divers musician Mauro Pawlowski and to AMVK, feminist and one of their all time favorite contemporary artists. Graphic designer for the gorgeous and the fashionable Paul Boudens, gay muslim activist Carim Bouzian and writer Bart Moeyaert. They wrote about the oldest gay bar in the city, the history of Antwerp’s Gay Pride and made two exclusive photoshoots. The result is a document of a city where LGBTQ safety is a great good and where queer artists thrive in exploring their creativity. 10.000 copies of Et Alors? Magazine – The Antwerp Edition were handed out for free throughout the World OutGames and the Pride, thereby spreading diversity in a city that was chosen to host one of the biggest human rights events today.  

Et Alors? magazine. A global celebration of diversity.